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Saturday, September 29, 2012
Review: He Came For Me by Carolyn Brown
Title: He Came For Me
Author: Carolyn Brown
Series: The Protector Series #1
Published: August 21st 2011
Format: eBook supplied by author for review

Summary from Goodreads

Jazz, lives on the beautiful Sunshine Coast, in Queensland, Australia. She leads a normal teenage life busy with friends, TAFE College, a part time job as a waitress, surfing and searching for a boyfriend!
Until one day driving on her way to TAFE she is passed by a red Mazda Rx7. The driver holds her attention and as they both wait at a set of traffic lights to change to green, a sexual tension passes between them.
In the days that follow she finds that this guy moves into her life as she befriends him, his friends and family! But are Seb and his friends what they seem to be?

Attacks by groups of boys targeting girls Jazz's age are becoming noticed by the media. Eyewitnesses to the attacks state that these youths seem to possess abilities no normal human would be capable of. Is it drugs or is it something else?

Jazz finds that Seb, seems to be stalking her. What is his purpose? Is he really a friend or is he actually a foe?

A fantasy novel revolving around a love story between two young people, who should not by rights, come together. Crossing the dimensions of two worlds, this story embarks on a journey of love, duty and togetherness as the two young lovers fight to be together and keep each other safe. Overcoming many obstacles while fighting to protect one another this story will leave the reader intrigued and wondering what will happen next!

He Came For Me wasn’t a very face paced read, but I did enjoy it. It had a storyline that built slowly towards an intense ending. The Vampires in this story are from another dimension and are able to travel to earth using portals. It is an interesting twist to the normal Vampire stories that have already been told.

We follow the life of Jasmine “Jazz,” who is a normal girl in her late teens. She isn’t a very strong character in this story. She is a quiet girl who appears to be set in a routine- goes to TAFE, goes surfing, goes to work, home to bed. She seems to just float through her life and is unaware of the people that have been monitoring her throughout her whole life. She has some great friends who she has known since she started school and goes out on Friday nights like all single girls. One day as she is headed to TAFE she makes eye-contact with a boy in a red mazda who will change her life forever.

Seb has been on earth for two years and has always had an attraction to the girl he has been set to protect. He can no longer stay away from her and decides to modify the mission to get closer to her. He is a very confident person with a body to die for- a perfectly sculpted athletic body....yum!!

Watching these characters interact is fun to watch. You can see their connection getting stronger but Seb keeps some distance between himself and Jazz, and he doesn’t realise that he is upsetting her. Jazz is very timid and doesn’t confront him about it; instead she wallows in her own misery. But when Seb decides to commit to the relationship you can see her personality lift. She is a very accepting person too and takes the Vampire issue in without really dwelling on it too much.

He Came For Me! was a fun read and at the end of the book I could tell that Jazz’s character has changed. She will be stronger in the sequel, more confident and independent. It will be interesting to see how the story goes from here... I’m looking forward to what comes next.

If you go to Carolyn's website, you can get a copy of He Came For Me free from smashwords. Go to C.M.Browns WEBSITE to find out more!

But before you go, I wanted to share the Blurb from Book Two in The Protector Series, which was released this week!!

He Came For Mine!
Released 27th September 2012
Fending for herself for almost two years, Jazz begins to worry she will never see Sebastian again. 

A new man enters her life, but what secrets does he hold?

Will Jazz learn to trust again?


Sebastian discovers an ancient ritual which must be performed on the Chosen One's son before his first birthday, or he will die.

He returns to Earth to find Jazz in the arms of another man.

A man he knows very well.

A man he does not trust....

What do you think!! I’m looking forward to it!!

Carolyn is also holding a competition at her website for the release of He Came For Mine,   where you could win a AMAZON GC! Head over and check it out

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 Thursday, May 10, 2012

Doodle's Book Blog


My Review:
He Came For Me isn't your average run of the mill paranormal book. There are no love triangles, only harmless beings not of this world. Carolyn Brown created a unique twist on vampires in young adult novels today.

As the story unfolds we are looking at the world through Jazz's eyes. She watches as a guy drives by her one morning on her way to class and feels an instant connection. Not only does she find his eyes captivating, but she wonders why there is such a strong pull. She hasn't even met the guy and she is looking for him everywhere she goes. What she doesn't know is that he has always been there, she just never noticed him before.

Jazz is a down-to-earth college student who questions the odd things happening in her town, who lets her curiosity get the best of her, and who actually reacts properly when she finds out the guy who she feels this strong pull towards isn't human. None of that, "Oh, that's cool." She actually has a mild panic attack. To top things off, she doesn't get all gaga over the guy.  He's there, great.  He's missing for a few days, upset but she'll get over it.  Like I said, not your average run of the mill young adult paranormal book.

There were a few other things I loved about this book besides Jazz. To be specific there was one event towards the end that reminded me of a horror movie. You know what I'm talking about. It's the scene where a girl is upstairs, she hears a bump downstairs, so she goes exploring, and something bad always happens. Well, there was a scene like that and something bad did kind of happen. I LOVED IT. I also e njoyed some of the words Carolyn chose to use. There were words that I hadn't seen in a youngRating: adult novel, such as specimen, and I grinned every time I read it (3 times). It's the little things that make me happy. Finally, we weren't just dealing in one world, but two. Normally we only see everything playing out on Earth, but in He Came For Me we have two completely different worlds.  

Overall, this book was a great read. There was a little bit of content not suitable for a younger audience, but it wasn't as graphic as some books could be. I would recommend this to paranormal lovers 17 and up.